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yb体育|Google has teamed up with GoPro to make its first big push into virtual reality, in the hope of turning the technology into a mass market product.谷歌已跟GoPro达成协议合作关系,这是为进占虚拟现实(VR)领域采行的第一项根本性措施,期望把这项技术变为一种大众市场产品。Jump, a “spherical-video” project, was unveiled at Thursday’s Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco and marks the first step of what the company promises will become a sustained investment in a sector that analysts predict could become the next battleground for large internet groups.周四在旧金山举办的谷歌 I/O开发者大会上,谷歌发布了Jump“环绕着式视频摄制”工具,这也是这家公司允诺对虚拟现实部门投资的第一步,分析师们预测,虚拟现实领域将变为各大互联网巨头的下一个战场。GoPro is developing a rig of 16 cameras, arranged in an outward-facing circle that ensures the video is synchronised and combined in such a way that it can be processed into VR-ready media.GoPro正在研发一种16个摄像头的照相机阵列,摄像头面向外面排列成一个圆圈,以保证视频内容的实时和拼凑,再行通过处置后转入不具备VR功能的媒体。

Once the footage from those cameras is uploaded to the cloud, Google will use its algorithms to stitch together the sound and images into 360-degree, 3D films.片段镜头上传遍云后,谷歌将用于其算法把声音和图像统合沦为360度的3D影像。This will allow the company to deliver the videos to users of its Cardboard viewer, a low-cost headset it launched in January. Any recent smartphone can be inserted into the kit and used as the screen.这让该公司可以把视频内容发送给Cardboard观察镜——一款今年1月发售的低价头戴式视图器。

任何一部近来的智能手机都可以终端该设备,当作屏幕。Analysts say that along with its close cousin, augmented reality, VR has the potential to broaden beyond gaming and entertainment to include communication and commerce.分析师回应,与其最相似的增强现实技术一道,虚拟现实技术有潜力把应用于范围从游戏与娱乐伸延到通信与商业。_yb体育。